Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort

Perched on the foot of a verdant cliff that meets the marvelous beach of Agios Gordios, the spectacular Mayor La Verde Grand Resort is a romantic haven of astounding visuals and indulgent experiences.

Blessed with a natural advantage in phenomenal vistas due to its prime location, luxurious facilities and amenities come to match the breathtaking beauty that surrounds. With a plethora of exceptional dining venues to choose from, guests can savour an array of tantalising flavours that are both bold and delicate.

A holistic holiday experience awaits guests, as gastronomy is not the only thing to explore at Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort. Three swimming pools in addition to a fantastic beach, 2 wellness clubs, beauty services, regular entertainment programmes and cultural activities to choose from. Admitting guests of ages 16+, it is a top destination for couples and families with older children, thus maintaining a tranquil ambiance.