Enter a new era for your hotel

Mayor Hospitality Management’s proven experience and a great track record in setting up and developing hotels, provides successful solutions for setting up of new hotels, guided by the desires of each owner of a plot or hotel. The team of Mayor Hospitality Management and its financial department undertake the entire process until delivery and opening.

Our experience has shown us that intensive study and attention to every little detail lead to the overall success of a hotel. The first step includes in depth research of the market, resulting in market intelligence and a comprehensive view of the competition. The key to success is conducting a strategic analysis in order to identify the gaps in the market and creating a strong competitive advantage for the new hotel, from the very first day of operation.

European and global target markets are evaluated constantly while management, marketing, yield strategies are studied and developed for the specific needs of each market.

Below are a few examples of our services:

  • preparation of a budget
  • capital and investment return procedure
  • architectural designs of the hotel (including photorealistic rendering)
  •  finding the hotel’s identity
  • development of a corporate identity and distinctive trademark
  • coordination of crews, construction and technical works
  • furnishing and orders for the hotel
  • delineation of all the hotel’s departments
  • recruitment and training of personnel
  • representation of the hotel in the markets
  • hotel sales (bookings)
  • setting up a website and promoting the hotel


Your 360 solution to Hospitality Management