A cost-effective model tailored specifically for each partner hotel is developed to create unparalleled revenue growth.


An expert team within Mayor Hospitality Management intensively monitors the production process of each hotel, controlling the timetables and staff levels in relation to hotel requirements. Finally, the necessary changes for the optimization of results are proposed, at the lowest possible cost and at the highest rate of guest satisfaction.

Hotel facilities and energy consumption

Mayor Hospitality Management’s construction and maintenance team checks the hotel’s facilities, equipment and fixed assets. It then proposes technical maintenance changes, estimates the necessary upgrades and purchases, and recommends changes for reducing energy consumption. A plan is prepared for all the above including a budget and timetable for the delivery of the project will be provided, if requested.

Procurement of materials

The procurement department of Mayor Hospitality Management checks the purchases of each hotel, the product procurement procedures and prices, the ordering method and the existing financial agreements. We have contracts at a national and regional level with large procurement companies, enabling economies of scale, which allows us to ensure the acquisition of quality goods at the best possible price for our hotels.

Following a detailed study of all the hotel’s departments, a file is delivered including recommended suppliers and optimal ordering procedures, as well as profitable financial agreements, while always aiming at the best possible quality for maximizing guest satisfaction.


One of our experts checks the labour cost management of the housekeeping department, conducts room cleanliness inspections and the rest of the facilities, analyzes the use of chemical detergents and evaluates the selection of linen as well as the stock levels and damages.


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