Setting the foundations for boosting hotel sales


The design and development of a distinct, marketable trademark is the cornerstone on which the entire marketing strategy is built. Mayor Hospitality Management uses its creative experience to design new logos and brands or to improve the effectiveness of existing logos and printed material owned by the hotel in order to improve the guest’s experience and leave its lasting mark.


One of the most important and radical marketing decisions is that of reinventing a hotel’s brand name with the intention of creating a new, differentiated identity accompanied by a set of new characteristics. At Mayor Hospitality Management we analyze the impact a brand name change delivers not only to guests but also to investors, competitors and various stakeholders.


A process driven approach is fundamental for the success of a brand’s name and future business development and prosperity. Mayor Hospitality Management’s experts, create strategically solid, distinct, memorable and legally available names to successfully represent a hotel’s identity in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

Internet and website development

A strong digital presence, the correct marketing and effective promotion of a hotel via the internet plays an important role in its success, in boosting sales and in establishing its position in the market.

All the above require a deep understanding of guest behavior, and in combination with extensive market research, the necessary actions are taken in order to ensure a positive return on the investment. At the same time, marketing campaigns are planned, and converted into bookings and improve visitor experiences.

The e-Commerce team of Mayor Hospitality Management applies an integrated approach to sales and marketing strategies in order to maximize the effectiveness of the hotel’s website by highlighting it’s strengths and unique selling points.

Relevant reports are forwarded every month in order to verify the results of exposure over the internet. It is vital to understand that the guest experience begins before their arrival. It starts at the search engines, on the digital platform.

Upon booking, a sense of anticipated hospitality is created and vertical sales actions are put into motion. Then, following guests’ departure, keeping contact with them for the following months is vital in order to create loyal customers who will want to return.

Digital Marketing

Mayor Hospitality Management team of digital marketing professionals designs, implements and evaluates tailor-made marketing plans and strategies to increase the most important KPIs that maximize revenue. Extensive experience in the hospitality sector combined with technical expertise and sophistication ensure the competitive advantage in an aggressive industry where return of investment (ROI) is the determining factor between success and irrelevance.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

On a daily basis, the e-Commerce analysts of Mayor Hospitality Management monitor and research updates that are implemented on large search engines. This approach helps to quickly detect changes in the search engine algorithm and allows for strategic planning so as to ensure that the hotel website is directly accessible to visitors.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Targeted search engine marketing campaigns are often recommended (such as: Google Adwords, pay-per-click text ads, display of advertising banners, social media campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest).

Internet Distribution

The sales team of Mayor Hospitality Management has in-depth knowledge of the Global Distribution System and the method for effectively managing hotel parity rates and room availability, that are funnelled and distributed to various channels. The information displayed across all platforms is checked in terms of accuracy, including rich photographic content as well as the hotel’s exact location for a coherent digital presence.

Sales & Revenue Management

One of the greatest advantages that our hotel clients gain from a partnership with Mayor Hospitality Management is that they are given access to a global market network of strategic partners and distribution channels with the end goal of hotel revenue growth.

The sales team begin by studying each hotel’s strengths, its competitors and its market position. They then categorize the room types and enter into contracts with the most profitable tourism partners and travel agents; they guide and train the booking department staff and provide the necessary sales tools. At the same time, they set realistic target commitments as permitted by the market demand and develop a competitive strategic pricing policy with the aim of maximizing hotel revenue during the operation of the hotel, while providing solutions and strategies for increasing sales during periods of low demand.

Individual hotel websites are designed according to the latest technological standards, using contemporary platforms for making direct bookings through the website and for providing website visitors with direct access to all necessary information, including room availability. Strategic collaborations with airline companies, credit card companies, car rental agencies, tour guides and other associates have been included so as to ensure effective promotion to targeted groups and markets at all stages.

Bookings are then monitored on a constant basis, with the help of modern technology, cutting-edge booking systems and reports on yield-revenue management, with the goal of maximization and effective determination of the hotel’s staff and stock, based on bookings. The sales team of Mayor Hospitality Management aims at increasing each hotel’s market share and revenue, with the vision of achieving and surpassing the goals that have been set. Through constant monitoring and a flexibility to adapt, the individual needs of each hotel are met and the opportunities to increase revenue and market share are maximized.

Our experience has shown us that increasing hotel revenue and profit margins in the complex modern tourism industry is only possible by skillfully managing yield and increasing occupancy.

We are able to provide our hotel partners with revenue management systems that generate steadily increasing room revenue, securing the competitive advantage.

Reputation Management

The marketing and sales department teams, in collaboration with the hotel’s reservations team, stay updated on a daily basis and check guest comments on the internet. They provide instructions on how to monitor comments more comprehensively, as well as guidance on crisis management and on how to respond correctly to negative comments.


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