Ensuring the smooth running of your hotel

General management of hotels

Mayor Hospitality Management can undertake the recruitment, supervision and performance evaluation of the General Manager, or alternatively, train and supervise the hotel’s existing management.


Having the correct hierarchy and chain of command is crucial to guaranteeing the success of a smooth operation of the hotel. Our team undertakes the evaluation of all positions within the hotel’s recruitment in cooperation with the General Manager, in order to achieve efficiency, maximum performance, as well as the minimization of cost.

Operational procedures

As part of the evaluation procedure of Mayor Hospitality Management, is the study of the current structure of each hotel, looking at any existing, standardized operational procedures. Recommendations are then made regarding any possible changes that will optimize the efforts and performance of each department. Subsequently, the implementation of these new procedures is coordinated with the hotel’s General Manager.

Guest experience

A very crucial part of our evaluation is the consideration of guests’ reviews and their satisfaction rates. Essentially, the points that are highlighted by guests are very important factors that will determine our actions. We carefully inspect all the platforms upon which guests who have used the hotel’s facilities and services provide their

feedback. Specifically, we will look at the arrival and departure procedures, the hospitality services and amenities offered throughout the entire hotel property, therefore making an informed action plan for best practices and highlighting where there is room for improvement.

Staff training

Our knowledgeable human resources department is responsible for controlling the quality of services provided at the hotel. Current staff training procedures are reviewed in collaboration with the General Manager and a follow-up proposal is designed, containing recommendations for improving existing training workshops. These changes or the implementation of additional training programmes that emerge, have the goal of maximizing staff performance.

Quality control

The quality control team of Mayor Hospitality Management conducts surveys regarding the quality of services and facilities, implements programmes for monitoring operations, thus ensuring the constant improvement of quality across all the hotel’s departments. Additionally, we use a specially-designed tool, an evaluation platform by which staff gather information and opinions from guests on site. This feedback is used to measure the performance of the hotel and that of the individual departments, then subsequently take the necessary corrective measures in the form of an immediate action plan.


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