Assisting hotels to achieve efficiency

Accounting Department

The Mayor Hospitality Management team, having many years of experience in the auditing process and labour issues, inspect the hotel’s accounting department, its financial agreements and the cash flow statement. Then, a work schedule is drawn up (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc.) which is monitored, to ensure they are all thoroughly carried out.
Recommendations of changes ensue, as well as training of the local staff who are given a series of files that are to be delivered to the hotel’s management for the purpose of checking that the agreed procedures are observed and followed, while applying a goal-oriented approach to achieving the hotel’s monthly/annual financial target.

Food and beverage department

Having formed strategic collaborations with world-renowned chefs and gastronomic advisers, the food and beverage department of Mayor Hospitality Management can provide valuable guidance to the hotel in order to offer a complete package of unique taste experiences, resulting in the hotel’s establishment as a culinary destination in itself.
The restaurants and bars of any hotel are integral parts of the guest experience, so they must serve as our allies in first maximising customer satisfaction, and then increasing the hotel’s profits.

Below are a few examples of the services included by the food and beverage department:

• Creation of comprehensive proposals and composition/selection of flavours (based on the location of the hotel, local products and the origin of the majority of guests)
• Planning of menus for dining areas
• Food tasting
• Cost accounting, cost control and pricing of products
• Staff recruitment (if requested) and training
• Photographing of products and dining areas
• Creation of marketing and sales policies

Human Resources department

Effective management of human resources is necessary for the growth of the organization and the provision of a complete hospitality experience. The hotel personnel’s positive attitude is closely tied to the positive experiences of its guests.
The human resources department of Mayor Hospitality Management, having conducted a study of the necessary operational positions of the hotel, assists in the evaluation of candidates (from the available supply and from the updated platform of Mayor Hospitality Management), recommending the best candidates for the required positions.

In collaboration with the hotel’s General Manager, training programmes are organized, which have been designed to ensure that employees have the necessary training and knowledge, depending on their post, in order to be able to carry out their duties based on the targets that have been set, in line with achieving maximum guest satisfaction.

The human resources team of Mayor Hospitality Management is always at the disposal of the hotel’s executives in order to provide them with support, solutions and options. Finally, we provide integrated payroll programs and systems that help to organize the departments, optimize operations, minimize costs and keep the hotel within the approved budget.


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