Meet the rest of Mayor Hospitality Management Team

Linardou Spirella

Developing high quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives. She oversees all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy. Mrs. Linardou is responsible for giving the proper strategic direction as well as creating a vision for success. Well versed in presentations, accustomed to addressing clients, partners, share-holders and board of directors. Her goal is to drive the company’s development and guide it towards long-term success.

Gourlias Konstantinos
Group General Manager

Mr. Gourlias manages, plans and coordinates all business operations, in order to develop, implement and achieve company’s goals. He is responsible for improving departmental efficiency, including hiring staff, and operating budgets, while overseeing day-to day operations. He ensures employees work productively and develop professionally. He oversees recruitment and training of new employees while improving internal processes and ensuring employees work as a cohesive unit. He evaluates current and future processes and prepares regular reports for upper management. He provides solutions to issues (eg. employee conflicts, administrative, logistical, human resourses etc).

Sales & Marketing Department

Anthi Elena
Sales & Marketing Director

Mrs. Anthi is responsible for directing all sales & marketing activities within the company and ensuring the company’s sales grow year on year. She develops key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans, so as to successfully achieve financial targets. She sets revenue targets and key performance indicators. She motivates the sales & marketing team to achieve the best results possible. She evaluates, develops and oversees all marketing strategies and plans. Moreover she is responsible for the negotiation of strategic partnerships ensuring the best conditions in target markets while parallel she builds and maintains long term relationships with business partners.

Vervitsiotis Stefanos
Yield & Revenue Manager

Mr. Vervitsiotis is responsible for assessing and analysing pricing strategies. His main focus is revenue maximization. He performs competitive benchmark studies and follows market trends. More specifically, he closely monitors revenue, conducts booking pace analysis, analyzes competitors and market trends and suggests the optimal strategy for pricing.

Zepp Christine
Sales & Reservations Coordinator

Mrs. Zepp is responsible for coordinating and applying sales metrics to help the hotels project future occupancy, predicting seasonal trends, and planning accordingly while overseeing the overall reservations management of the hotels. She coordinates sales & marketing efforts to maximize profits through targeted campaigns. She contemplates all bookings coming from tour operators, travel agencies, OTAs and the hotels website to manage distribution, while building strong partnerships with business partners. She ensures that reservations run smoothly as far as occupancy is concerned, assisting in successfully meeting monthly revenue budgets. She provides top management with sales forecasting, reporting and information.

Mihalaki Evi
Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator

Mrs. Mihalaki is responsible for visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos,layouts and photos. Her main role is to shape visual aspects of websites that inspire and attract the target audience as defined by the company’s marketing plan.

Budgeting & Payroll Department

Michalis Nikolaos
Chief Budgeting & Payroll Offιcer 

Coordinates the company’s budget policy, reviews and analyzes budget proposals and prepares budgeting reports. Creates financial forecasts, analyzes financial information (e.g revenues, expenditures etc) to verify that all operations are within budget limits. Oversees all payroll processes and procedures including taxes and finance demands regarding payroll payments. Manages and creates functional strategies and specific objectives for the sub-function and develops policies and procedures to support the functional infrastructure. Supports the payroll management for resolving all the payment issues with benefits, consultants, technical resources etc.

Manos Vourakis
Financial Budgeting & Reporting Analyst

Maintains and keeps track of budget reports in combination with official accounting statements. Assists in filtering accurately throughout the year all economic elements and gives feedback to the board. Supports in building budgeting scenarios and contributes in monitoring competitors. Furthermore, assists the organization make sound financial decisions by reporting on operating activities and expenditures. His role combines strategic thinking with day-to-day finacial management. In addition, identifies areas to implement cost-saving procedures, limit expenditures and enhance overall efficiency.

Pandi Katerina
Payroll Supervisor

Responsible for issuing and coordinating monthly payroll functions, hiring personnel, ensuring proper contract declaration, handling all personnel’s paperwork, monitoring and implementing Social Security Reports and Greek Legislation appliance, prepare company account statements, monitoring budgets, issuing account payroll payments, provide for Budget per company’s standards.

Vlassis Harris
Accounting Assistant

Mr Vlassis supports the accounting department by performing clerical tasks, including processing and recording transactions, preparing reports and budgets. He communicates with clients and vendors about invoices and payments. He manages accounts receivable and payable and help with end-of-month reconciliations. He also assists create and update financial reports by working on balance sheets and statement of income, retained earnings and cash flow.

Operation Department

Tsibogiannis Theodoros
Group Hotel Operations Manager

Mr. Tsibogiannis is responsible for the overall management of the hotels operation. He works collaboratively with the hotel managers and all department managers to make sure operations are running smoothly. He develops and implements strategies that will ensure a positive experience that exceeds guest’s expectations. He monitors the co-ordination between all hotel departments for smooth & efficient operation and overhead costs maintenance. He also assists in the preparation of the annual budgeting and monthly forecasting processes.

Stamou Christos
Operating Supplies & Equipment Manager 

Mr. Stamou is responsible for developing and monitoring the group’s supply chain from purchasing to raw materials, to production.His goal is to improve productivity and efficiency and control costs while securing high quality material.He collaborates with vendors and suppliers to ensure all operations meet quality and safety standards.His is responsible for providing the proper equipment and utilities, complying with, and ensuring adherence to all safety standards and regulations, while meeting all financial targets.He analyzes supply chain data and performance, maintaining inventory , supervising and training employees.


Product & Project Development Department

Dimitriou Evagelos
Product Development Manager

Mr. Evagelos Dimitriou coordinates with internal stakeholders including marketing, sales and manufacturing to ensure that new and existing products meet development targets and support the organization financial goals. He is responsible for identifying new opportunities for developing a new marketable product from concept to distribution, while ensuring that project development department goals are met and adhering to approved budgets.

Pezoulas Kyriakos
Project Manager

Mr. Pezoulas is responsible for overseeing expanding projects, ensuring that the goals set by the management will be achieved. He develops key strategies and sets the course of steps for a project to begin, run and complete. Moreover he is responsible for the negotiation of important partnerships ensuring the best conditions for all parties involved.

Lampropoulos Ilias
Procurement Manager FF&E

Mr. Lampropoulos is responsible for directing all procurement needs of the hotel units within the company, and ensuring the achievement of the best quality, in compliance with the on time delivery. He is responsible of the year on year grow up suppliers’ list, so as successfully achieve as plenty of choices, at every equipment need arises. He engage the relationship between the company & the suppliers, in order to achieve a reliable, long term corporation. He is up-to-date of market’s trends.

Construction & Engineering Department

Nikomanis Spiros
Construction & Engineering Manager

Responsible for the correct functioning and maintenance of all E/M equipment and building facilities, including subcontractor’s supervision and supply of spare parts, the oversight and time management of all the tests that refer to E/M & building facilities according to health & safety.

IT Department

Marmarokopos Kostas
IT Director

Responsible mainly for network installations-maintenance and supervision for the I.T infrastructure. This includes server’s installations, maintenance and support to end users. Duties are hardware-software monitoring on premise and at the datacenter, contact – evaluation of hardware, software & ISP providers.

Fotinos Spiros
IT System Administrator 

Mr Fotinos is responsible for assisting the I.T Director mainly with network installations, maintenance and supervision for the I.T infrastructure.  This includes servers installations, maintenance and support to end users. Duties are hardware & software monitoring on premise and at the datacenter, contact and evaluation of hardware, software & ISP providers.

Personal Assistant to CEO

Kousouni Maria

She gives attention to detail, budget, closing, presentations, problem solver, project management, talent coordinator travel and transportation. Positive attitude and strong work ethic are the backbone of her professional principals.