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Mayor Mon Repos Palace Art Hotel

An adults-only, four-star, luxury hotel set on the scenic bay of Garitsa, in old Corfu town. It combines artistic flair, borrowed from the aristocratic heritage of Cortu’s resplendent past, sensational city, landmark as well as sea views, and offers its guests a flawless stay experience.

Minimalist design is fused with classic stylistics, resulting in spaces that convey sophistication, bar none. Dispersed around the hotel, 18th century antiques from the Achilleion Palace are proudly displayed, making Mayor Mon Repos Palace Art Hotel an attraction in itself.

The guest experience is further enhanced at the hotel’s exquisite Passaggio Bistrot, that is found at the ground level, just by the sea. Serving delectable flavours throughout the day as well as being the host of regular music events in the evening, it lends its wonderful ambiance to amplify a sense of holiday fulfillment.

Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort

Perched on the foot of a verdant cliff that meets the marvelous beach of Agios Gordios, the spectacular Mayor La Verde Grand Resort is a romantic haven of astounding visuals and indulgent experiences.

Blessed with a natural advantage in phenomenal vistas due to its prime location, luxurious facilities and amenities come to match the breathtaking beauty that surrounds. With a plethora of exceptional dining venues to choose from, guests can savour an array of tantalising flavours that are both bold and delicate.

A holistic holiday experience awaits guests, as gastronomy is not the only thing to explore at Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort. Three swimming pools in addition to a fantastic beach, 2 wellness clubs, beauty services, regular entertainment programmes and cultural activities to choose from. Admitting guests of ages 16+, it is a top destination for couples and families with older children, thus maintaining a tranquil ambiance.

Mayor Pelekas Monastery

Situated upon the awarded beach of Kontogialos, Mayor Pelekas Monastery poses a unique choice for beachfront holidays in Corfu. Basking in immaculate sky-meets-sea views that reach majestic levels at sundown, guests are often overwhelmed by the effortless power of nature that pours into the interiors.

Families are warmly welcomed here, while the experiences offered by the resort hotel cover a wide range of preferences. The activities available cover culinary, leisurely and more active or adventurous options, providing guests with amazing moments that soon become indelible memories.

The luxurious facilities and accommodation match the natural masterpiece that unfolds as the daily horizon, while guests can explore the picturesque village of Pelekas and discover a different aesthetic, imbued with a refreshing sense of authentic locality.

Mayor Capo Di Corfu

The ultimate seaside holiday destination for families with young children, Mayor Capo Di Corfu offers its guests a carefree vacation on a shallow beach that is absolutely ideal for kids. Entirely family-oriented, the resort is built in a bungalow structural style amidst expansive, verdant gardens, for ease of access throughout the grounds.

Located near the region of Lefkimmi, in the south part of Corfu, the family and child services guarantee that guests of every age will find something exciting to do with their time here. While children are productively occupied under the supervision of trained child care professionals, parents can fully relax and unwind, enjoying the array of wonderful services offered.

There is a wide range of gastronomic venues to choose from, including a seafront restaurant just a few steps from the sandy beach, as well as wellness and exercising experiences, while kids can spend moments of endless fun at the in-house water slides and playground.